We are excited to announce the Bay City Connections MVP of the Month, Jessica. She was recently promoted from account manager to assistant manager. This impressive feat and her substantial abilities are reasons for her being the MVP.

At Bay City Connections, we believe in the importance of highlighting team member accomplishments. Every month we select an MVP who has exemplified our core company values. Jessica demonstrated serious drive and excellent teamwork in her rise to the assistant manager role. She excels at coaching other associates and meeting her goals.

In this new position, Jessica will be assisting our leader with managing the company. Her goal will be to learn the intricacies of management so that she can expand the business in the future. Jessica is an all-star team member. We are certain that she will quickly prove successful as assistant manager.

We strive to foster an environment in which every team member can achieve significant career advancement. Our approach is to reward drive and merit over seniority. This means that each team member is in control of his or her own rate of growth.

Congratulations to Jessica for advancing to assistant manager and being named MVP of the Month. Stay up to date with all the latest Bay City Connections achievements and insights. Head to our website at baycityconnections.com. We look forward to seeing you there!