Bay City Connections is experiencing tremendous growth, and our interviewing managers are currently speaking with several candidates about joining our organization. If you’re meeting with us, or you have another interview lined up somewhere, here are a number of questions you’re sure to hear:

• What Makes You Want to Join Our Team?: The most compelling answers to this show two things. First, this is a prime opportunity to display your passion for the position. Also, now is when you get to prove that you’ve done your homework regarding the company and team you’re trying to join.

• What Are Your Strengths?: We prefer to focus on assets at our firm, and we like to know what a potential teammate brings with them to Bay City Connections. If you’re not certain what to say here, ask a trusted friend or colleague for their opinion.

• What Other Interests Do You Have?: No need to get too personal. To answer this question, pick two or three things that you’d enjoy talking about if you were on a flight with someone.

• Is There Anything You’d Like to Ask Us?: “Yes” is always the correct answer to this inquiry. Use the research you’ve done to pinpoint potential pain points you could address, or to find out more about the company’s culture.

Interviewing is much more comfortable when an interviewee knows what to expect.