We train Bay City Connections associates to make the most of every networking event they attend, and we provide helpful reminders before every industry gathering. There is always room to improve when it comes to building your contact list, and we recommend putting the following tips to use the next time you find yourself in a target-rich environment.


You will help your cause immeasurably if you simply do some research before the event gets underway. Study the schedule and explore social media sites to get a good idea of who will be in attendance. Find some people with whom you would like to connect and do a little digging so that you have good icebreakers in mind.


We at Bay City Connections also believe listening is a key behavior in effective networking, and it’s something you must do well during a crowded event. You don’t want to miss any important information you can use in a follow-up message. It’s also a good idea to keep the other person talking as much as possible. When you let potential contacts expound on their skills and current projects, they tend to remember you better.


It’s also essential to focus on quality rather than quantity when making new connections. Having surface-level bonds with dozens of people isn’t likely to lead to any fruitful relationships. However, a handful of deeper connections will put you in a better position to succeed.


Use these tips from Bay City Connections the next time you attend an industry event of any kind.