Pretty much every professional understands how important networking is, but that doesn’t mean everyone does it well. There are some insidious networking mistakes that you can commit without even realizing it, and our Bay City Connections, Inc. leaders would like to examine them here:


  • Failing to Really Listen: It’s quite possible to hear everything a potential contact is saying without truly listening to any of it. This is an easy trap to fall into, because you tend to look forward to your chance to speak when trying to forge a connection. We at Bay City Connections, Inc. remind you that a networking discussion only bears fruit if you listen to and absorb what other people say.


  • Talking Too Much About Yourself: This is tricky, because you definitely want to impart a sense of your unique value when you talk to a new acquaintance. However, you must work to strike the right balance between your own qualifications and how they can help advance the other person’s cause.


  • Forgetting to Follow Up: There is no greater networking sin than failing to follow up with a new contact. You can avoid this error by focusing on just a few connections rather than trying to meet everyone at a single event. With fewer names and details to juggle, you will be able to send meaningful, personalized follow-up messages in no time.


Avoid these common mistakes, and our Bay City Connections, Inc. leaders are certain that you will build an enviable network.