Sometimes it’s the simplest information that makes the biggest difference. For example, there are several different travel strategies Bay City Connections’s team members have heard over the years, but the most memorable suggestions have been on how to pack.


How much luggage you carry, how much it weighs, how easily you can coordinate an outfit once you’ve reached your destination ‰ÛÒ these factors are all contingent on your packing skills. With that in mind, here are some Bay City Connections rules for packing that have prevented a tremendous amount of anxiety.


First, avoid being too colorful in your clothing selections. Ideally, you should be able to match any one article you bring with everything else. Furthermore, Bay City Connections road warriors recommend going with darker palletes. They’re the easiest to match, and they conceal stains.


Next, use a strategy for minimizing wrinkles. We recommend that you pack by weight, putting the heaviest items into your suitcase first and working your way up. Check out some travel-hack sites for cool tricks too. One of our favorite ideas for both men and women is wrapping a suit jacket around something soft, like a t-shirt, to avoid creasing.


In fact, Bay City Connections travelers try not to fold their clothes at all. Instead, we roll our wardrobes because it eliminates wasted space and keeps wrinkling to a minimum.


What packing recommendations do you use for business travel?