SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Company leaders from Bay City Connections are hand-selecting individuals to attend an upcoming national quarterly conference. The event provides team members with the chance to connect with industry leaders from across the country.

Veronica and Jackson, Codirectors of Bay City Connections, know the value of a caring and empowering company culture. The office environment they’ve created is one of their sharpest competitive edges.

“Our company is made up of talented professionals who have learned to combine their unique strengths to create success on a level that none of us could reach on our own,” Jackson explained. “This starts right at the first interview, when we show our potential coworkers the advancement possibilities that exist for each of our entry-level teammates who learn how to work with our system. Then, we provide new associates with a personal coach, which communicates the collaborative nature of our operations.”

“We’ve also learned how to walk the very fine line between encouraging individuals to achieve their professional goals while also promoting organizational objectives,” Veronica stated. “For instance, we are planning to take hand-selected team members to an upcoming national quarterly conference. Those who qualify for this prestigious weekend will do so based on their abilities to produce results that benefit both themselves and our firm. Perks like travel create an atmosphere where people push themselves individually, but in a direction that benefits the entire team.”

Bay City Connections’ Codirectors on Positive Outcomes of Business Conferences

While some decision makers may see business travel as a needless expense, Veronica and Jackson believe it to be a wise investment in the Bay City Connections team. For instance, they cite the benefits that are gained from meeting other high achievers in the industry. The opportunity to share best practices and connect with like-minded people can add tremendous momentum and energy to a career. This is something they’ve both experienced personally at weekend events like the upcoming national quarterly conference.

“I think there’s something to be said for the fact that traveling and attending weekend functions is just plain fun as well,” Veronica declared. “This may not seem like an important business function, but the truth is when people enjoy what they’re doing, they put in more effort. The more fun it is to be a part of the Bay City Connections crew, the more committed and engaged our people are to the company’s success.”

“The national quarterly conference provides a unique combination of networking, education, and fun that completely justifies the expense,” Jackson added. “The hand-selected individuals that attend will experience tremendous growth coming out of this weekend, and their enthusiasm will spread throughout the office. We can’t wait to see who qualifies!”

About Bay City Connections

Bay City Connections’s strategic approach is more than simply a direct sales pitch. We’ve created an outreach model that emphasizes getting to know customers. Each interaction is customized to create a memorable product experience that increases the buying impulse. We know how to represent any consumer product to generate sales that are unsurpassed. We’ve created a proprietary training program for our associates that is multi-stage. Working one-on-one with individual coaches, our new associates learn our methods and specialized techniques. They develop the business skills that help them get attention and drive product sales for any brand. We generate a buzz for bigger results.