Advancing in your career is much easier if you have strong, trustworthy relationships with professional peers. We train Bay City Connections associates to forge meaningful bonds and turn new contacts into true allies, and we would like to share a few techniques you can use to do the same.

The first thing we believe you must do is project positivity in all your interactions, because people are attracted to those with a real passion for what they do. Look for the silver lining in every dark cloud, and accentuate the good things happening in your career when you meet new people. No one wants to listen to a complainer, after all, and focusing on the positives will make other people feel better about themselves as well.

It’s also essential that you place all your attention on others and their ambitions when you set out to make productive connections. We at Bay City Connections understand that this isn’t always easy, because we seem to be hardwired to talk about our own goals and dreams. People notice when you let them expound on their work and the challenges they face, however, and taking a selfless approach to professional bonding is the best way to go. You can rest assured that you will be remembered in a positive light if you cede the floor to new contacts on a regular basis.

Our Bay City Connections leaders hope you will remember these points and forge deeper bonds with your professional connections.