You have doubtlessly heard plenty of tips for what to do during job interviews, and our Bay City Connections, Inc. leaders believe there is little harm in following most of them. However, there are some disastrous mistakes that many jobseekers make, and we want you to avoid them at all costs.


First of all, you absolutely cannot afford to be late for your interview. This seems obvious, but far too many individuals take it for granted that their navigation apps will deliver them safely to an office. They can be wrong, and traffic is always a threat to derail your plans, so take time to get specific directions and map out the ideal route in advance of the big day.


You also have to look the part if you want to land a coveted new position, and that means wearing appropriate and well-fitting clothes. Beyond that, however, we at Bay City Connections, Inc. remind you that your body language and the way you speak go a long way toward determining the impression you make.


It’s also critical that you are engaged throughout the interview itself, leaning in toward your interviewer to show interest and being prepared with thoughtful questions of your own. If you appear disengaged from the process in any way, the decision makers will notice and your likelihood of getting hired will diminish.


Bay City Connections, Inc.’s leadership team hopes you will keep these key points in mind the next time you have a big job interview.