If you think motivation is important for success in your industry, consider what it takes to be a Marine. These brave men and women have to face life-or-death situations, something that Bay City Connections associates certainly never encounter (except in San Francisco traffic, maybe).


With this in mind, we found it interesting to learn that Commandant Charles C. Krulak completely overhauled the Marine Corps training program back in the mid-90s. The changing threats that Corps members were facing in places like Africa and the Middle East required what he called extreme self-starters, and finding a new way to train soldiers was vital.


Turning to military research as well as work done by both psychiatrists and psychologists, Krulak started focusing on changing the incoming recruits’ perceived locus of control. Bay City Connections team members did some research, and what we found was that a locus was essentially a center or a source. Those who believe that they are at the mercy of their surroundings have an external locus of control, while those who believe their actions affect outcomes have an internal locus of control.


Krulak decided it was time to train his soldiers to have an internal locus of control. In doing so, he gave Marine recruits what he referred to as a ‰ÛÏbias toward action.‰Û At Bay City Connections, we call that motivation.


For more information, check out ‰ÛÏSmarter Faster Better,‰Û by Charles Duhigg, where he discusses the changes Commandant Krulak made in detail, and how it changed the Marine Corps for the better. It will work for you as well.