It’s no secret that a lot of people hate networking; they’re uncomfortable with it for a variety of reasons. Several of our Bay City Connections team members are introverts and understand the hesitancy with which many people approach relationship-building activities.

The bottom line, however, is that networking is essential to professional success. We need all the support and resources we can get to help us rise to the top. Even if you aren’t a social butterfly, you can use our Bay City Connections networking strategies to make new connections with relative ease. These tips and tricks come through for us every time.

For starters, it’s always nice to have a friend by your side when you attend a networking event. Although you shouldn’t focus solely on engaging with him or her, of course, this person can help you start and maintain discussions with others. In fact, your friend’s supportive presence will probably be enough to boost your confidence.

At Bay City Connections, we also recommend setting an attainable goal before you seize any relationship-building opportunity. Trying to exchange 100 business cards simply isn’t realistic, and it won’t allow you to forge meaningful connections anyway. You’re better off aiming to meet two or three individuals with whom you can trade value.

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