Traveling is hectic and stressful, and we at Bay City Connections are quite familiar with how easy it is to let health and fitness fall to the wayside during a business trip. We’re on the go a lot, which is why our leaders impress upon us the importance of self-care throughout every journey. These are some of the strategies we employ:

Exercise: It’s important to maintain your physical fitness routine no matter where you are in the world, so make it as easy and convenient as possible. Remember to pack all your workout gear, and leave enough room in your schedule to exercise once per day. Our Bay City Connection team members also encourage you to make sure your accommodations offer gym access. If you can’t manage to book a hotel with a fitness center, commit to walking or running outdoors or doing some exercises in your room.

Food: Between unhealthy airline and airport food, plus restaurant menus full of temptations, eating nutritiously while on the go is rather difficult. At Bay City Connections, we find it helpful to pack healthy snacks in our carry-ons. We also bring refillable water bottles and top them off whenever possible instead of splurging on pricey drinks. Being prepared with these items is a great way to avoid overindulgence.

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