Through our company’s ongoing growth, Bay City Connections’s hiring managers have learned which questions to ask when evaluating talented candidates. We have also learned which questions are most important for an interviewee to ask, and we would like to highlight a few of them here and encourage you to keep them in mind.


The first thing we think you must ask is what your interviewer likes best about the organization. If he or she can’t provide you with a compelling reason why it’s a great place to work, you need to think long and hard about taking an employment offer should one come your way.


It’s also a good idea to ask how the position for which you are applying became available in the first place, because you want to know whether it’s in response to rapid growth or if many people have filled the role in just the last few years. We at Bay City Connections believe you can find out an awful lot about the stability and future prospects of a position just by posing this question.


You can cut down on your post-interview stress by asking about the next steps in the hiring process. Rather than waiting around for a call or email, inquire about what you can expect over the following days and ask for a business card. If you receive clear indications of what will happen, you can safely assume that you made a positive impression.


Our Bay City Connections leaders hope you will use these questions to your advantage during your next job interview.