We send Bay City Connections associates on a wide variety of business trips, and our team members have learned some simple and effective ways to make every travel experience a bit better. Here are a few strategies we recommend putting to good use the next time you hit the road for business:

‰Û¢ Keep Travel Accessories in Hand: This is chiefly to avoid holding up the boarding process for other passengers. Make sure your headphones, magazines, and any other items you bring along for comfort are in your hands so they can be easily checked.

‰Û¢ Remember That Things Will Go Wrong: No matter how well you plan for a trip, things will get fouled up along the way. We at Bay City Connections believe that with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to deal with unforeseen problems and keep rolling.

‰Û¢ Allow Yourself Plenty of Time: If you have a connecting flight, we suggest giving yourself at least an hour and a half to get to the appropriate gate. Otherwise, you might be rushed and more stressed out than you would ever want to be.

‰Û¢ Bring a Little Something for Flight Attendants: Even a small gesture of appreciation such as a chocolate bar is enough to get the flight crew on your side, so don’t be shy about giving out little gifts.

Our Bay City Connections road warriors recommend applying these methods every time you venture away from home on a business trip.