Bay City Connections: The Place to Begin a Thriving Professional Journey

Every Bay City Connections team member has a special spark. They possess just the right combination of ambition and positivity.

Each individual came to us with a desire to start a lasting and satisfying professional journey in business. Seem like the perfect atmosphere? Discover how we benefit our people.

Business 101 for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

At Bay City Connections, every associate has the chance to gain the business 101 skills needed to manage a new enterprise.

Through our entrepreneurship training program, we provide coaching in how to manage the human capital and resources in any business. Our franchise model provides a springboard for the most driven individuals to set up their own offices in new markets.

Get Paid to Learn While You Grow

Our entry-level training program allows new team members to earn while they develop basic entrepreneurial skills.

We offer a fun, fast-paced environment, combined with a competitive compensation package. Those who complete the program go on to lead their own sales teams in a variety of industries:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Software
  • Tech
  • Subscriptions

Our Coaching Program Builds Confidence

We use a coach-student model that pairs new associates with an experienced pro.

We provide a path to improving sales and business skills as well as support to get set up for success. This one-on-one coaching ensures team members have the following skills:

  • Sales strategy basics
  • Customer profiles and buying processes
  • Overcoming objections
  • Developing confidence
  • Speaking in public
  • Coaching tracks

Graduate as a Certified Direct Sales Professional

At the successful completion of our one-year entry level program, our associates have mastered the skills needed in any sales role. They understand the buyer mind-set, have a self-motivated attitude, and can lead others.

Open Positions

Entry Level Marketing and Promotions Assistant

-Serve as a customer service and sales liaison between AT&T and the customer
-Conduct meetings with account managers
-Understands competitive outlets
-Provides breakdown of data provided from the client
-Keep organization of territory and leads provided

Minimum Qualifications:
-Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree preferred
-Strong verbal skills
-Leadership experience is a plus
-Full time availability
-Immediate Hire
-Willing to commute to San Francisco

What We Offer:
-Travel opportunities
-Paid training
-Consistent schedule and hours
-Advancement opportunities

Entry Level Marketing Assistant

-Conduct face-to-face meetings with potential customers
-Create calendars and schedules for the clients to follow up with customers.
-Set up appointments
-Attend weekly, sometimes-daily meetings
-Increase direct sales through different promotional campaigns and strategies
-Some phone calls

Minimum Qualifications:
-Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, preferred not required
-Outstanding verbal communication skills
-Customer relations experience
-Problem solving skills is a plus
-The ability to work well as part of a team
-Confidence and persuasiveness, for ‘selling’ your ideas
-Ability to commute to San Francisco on a daily bases

What We Offer:
-Travel opportunities
-Paid training
-Consistent schedule and hours
-Advancement opportunities

Entry Level Marketing and Sales Manager

-Manage all marketing and activities within the department
-Plan and implement promotional campaigns
-Manage and improve lead generations
-Measure results by making sure weekly and daily goals are being met
-Brand management and client identity
-Strengthen team building abilities and direct sales

Minimum Qualifications:
-Bachelor’s degree in marketing, entrepreneurship or any other related field preferred
-Excellent leadership skills is a plus
-Management experience
-Strong communication skills
-Ability to work well under pressure
-Loves a team enjoinment

What We Offer:
-Travel opportunities
-Paid training with competitive pay
-Consistent schedule and hours
-Advancement opportunities

Entry Level Promotional Assistant

-Manage inventory and supplies
-Conduct office meetings
-Make sure weekly and daily direct sales goals are met
-Basic direct sales
-Maintain relationships between customers and retail clients
-Build product & brand knowledge of each featured brand/product/service being promoted at each event.
-Train and educate new employees of product/service benefits.

Minimum Qualifications:
-Local to the San Francisco Area
-Immediate hire
-Excellent planning and organization skills
-1 to 2 years experience in sales, marketing, promotions or customer service
-Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship or related field preferred.

What We Offer:
Candidates who complete our Entry Level program will move into more management positions and have skills for many fields in marketing and management including but not limited to:
-Public Relations
-Advertising and Sales Management

Entry Level Sales and Marketing Internships

-Daily customer meetings
-Attend office meetings
-Campaign assessments
-Basic direct sales
-Maintain relationships between customers and retail clients

Minimum Qualifications:
-Current student or recent graduate
-Strong written and verbal communication skills
-Outgoing, personable, ability to engage with others face to face
-Experience in sales/marketing/retail or restaurant industries
-Natural leadership
-Team Player
-Problem solving skills

What We Offer:
-This position will provide college students and college graduates an introductory experience to the sales and marketing industry through basic face to face marketing and sales strategies
-Full time and Part time internships are available, each with a competitive compensation structure.
-Candidates who complete our internship and remain in good standing with the company, have opportunities for Full Time Employment.

Benefits Our Associates Enjoy

Our associates enjoy multiple perks working at Bay City Connections. These include personalized career planning, R&R retreats, national travel, networking events, on-going education, and more.


Find a Great Career at Bay City Connections

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