We’re fortunate to have several talented individuals on our Bay City Connections team. Among those who make each day a delight here are Dawn and Allana. Both have demonstrated they have the right attitude and work ethic to flourish in this industry. As such, we’re highlighting their recent accomplishments.

“Both Dawn and Allana exemplify the type of person who can go far at Bay City Connections,” said Jackson, our Director of Operations. “These team members take tremendous pride in their work. They’re continually learning and growing in their careers with us and I couldn’t be more pleased with their achievements.”

As Jackson noted, Dawn’s professional development strategy includes training and networking with a different office. She’ll be traveling from our San Francisco location to Denver, where she’ll work for a week with that location’s team. The purpose of this adventure is for Dawn to observe that office’s training methods and gain exposure to techniques used in different regions. Dawn plans to use this knowledge to progress in her career with Bay City Connections.

Allana was recently promoted to account manager, a role in which she is determined to become an expert. “She’s quite focused right now on expanding her skill set, learning from her coaches, and really just being great at all that she does.”

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