Young people are always welcome on the Bay City Connections team. We have found that millennials tend to have the drive and ambition that make strong sales and marketing professionals. This has motivated us to learn about the leadership qualities that young professionals are most drawn to. Here are a few traits that we focus on to talented recent graduates:

• Focus on Mentorship: Recent college graduates are extremely willing to learn and improve. They want feedback so they can keep making their work better. Mentorship is an excellent way to draw in the best and brightest millennials. This investment will quickly pay off with a team that is constantly improving.

• Kindness: Let’s be honest, everyone prefers a positive environment at work. We have invested a lot of time to foster an empowering culture in the Bay City Connections office. This is because millennials like collaborative and energetic workplaces.

• Authenticity: Young professionals aren’t looking for a flashy façade. Instead, they want leaders who are genuine. If you want to attract millennials to your team, be prepared to put your true self forward.

• Integrity: Professionals just starting their careers want to work for people who demonstrate integrity in running their businesses. They are acutely aware of what the opposite can cause. Attract recent graduates by fostering an open and honest environment.

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