Our firm was well represented at a recent leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. Jackson, our Bay City Connections Director of Operations, chose established leaders as well as some new team members to attend the event. He explained, “I wanted our new sales and marketing managers to get a better view of the bigger picture and what’s possible in our industry.”

By networking with other successful leaders, our team members could better grasp the work ethic needed to accomplish their most ambitious career goals. “It’s safe to say our sales and marketing managers came back to the Bay City Connections office more motivated than ever to reach their career goals.”

To make the most of the event, Jackson shared a few basic tips with our people. He explained, “It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not used to making connections at a crowded conference. Therefore, we advised our people to ask lots of questions as a way to get potential contacts talking about themselves. Open-ended queries are especially effective, because the answers you receive lead to common interests.”

Those attending also set realistic goals going into the conference. By aiming to add a few solid contacts to their lists, rather than everyone they met, our people returned home with valuable new allies.

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