When it comes to professional development, Bay City Connections’ culture is steeped in helping our people become confident business experts. We are committed to investing in our people’s career growth. Here are three practices we’ve noted can ensure people have the right knowledge and mind-sets to excel:

  • Develop Rather Than Train: Gone are the days of dusty manuals and outdated videos. Today’s workforce learns best when they understand the purpose behind activities. Great firms emphasize development over traditional training. This practice extends learning beyond steps and focuses more on instilling the right mind-set to approach various roles.
  • Real-World Learning: Our Bay City Connections coaching program is immersive. Our people start day one working on projects. We guide them so that they learn in a safe environment. By offering real-world experience, they can see how what they learn applies to our business model. They can see the results.
  • Create a Career Pathway: People are more motivated to learn and grow when they can see a future with a company. Our Bay City Connections advancement program is created to offer our associates individualized career tracks within our firm. We establish clear goals with milestones for them to attain. Once they’ve mastered steps, they become eligible to be promoted to the next level.

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