Steady excellence is one sure way to get closer to your next promotion, but you also need to properly position yourself for advancement. Here are a few practices we use around the Bay City Connections office to prime ourselves for promotions.

Strong relationships with colleagues and superiors are essential in earning regular advancement. It’s important to be known as someone who will help others and go the extra mile to achieve winning results. These are shared traits of the most respected leaders, so they enhance anyone’s chances of getting promoted.

Keeping track of our achievements is another way to solidify promotion worthiness. We’re careful to update our skills here at Bay City Connections, but we’re also sure to keep a running log of the progress we make. When it’s time to add to our résumés or social media profiles, we want to have all relevant information at hand.

We also attend conferences and other industry events to make ourselves more promotable. Not only do we gain valuable insights by listening to keynote speakers, we also make helpful connections with influential professionals at all levels. The more allies we have in our corner, the better positioned we are to make the most of our unique talents.

These practices help us get closer to our career goals. Find more of our best career advancement tips by following Bay City Connections on Facebook.