We have always encouraged our Bay City Connections associates to give back to the community, both on their own and through company efforts. There are so many rewards to be gained from volunteering and social giving, and many of them pertain to your career. Here are a few professional benefits of giving to good causes.

One thing giving back allows you to do is polish your current skills. Getting away from the daily grind to apply your unique talents is a great way to sharpen them, and you gain a new perspective on the value of your daily work in the process.

We at Bay City Connections have also found that volunteering enables us to pick up entirely new skills. You can really challenge yourself and stretch beyond your current skill set when you give back, and we heartily encourage you to do so. You’ll gain valuable insights every time you get outside your comfort zone, especially when you’re focused on helping others.

There are also significant networking gains to be made through giving. When you volunteer to help a nonprofit or community organization, you get in touch with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Whether they’re community leaders, local business figures, or nonprofit innovators, your network expands in unique ways when you help those in need.

For more thoughts on giving from the Bay City Connections leadership team, head to baycityconnections.com.