Recruitment is an important priority for the Bay City Connections management team. We are always looking for talented professional to join us. To help enable this goal, we regularly review our hiring process. This has led to some significant insight into what makes an ideal candidate. If you are a job searcher and want to impress interviewers, think about these characteristics.

According to one study, 69 percent of recruiters consider conversational skills to be the most important qualities in a candidate. This makes sense because communication is an essential part of many jobs. Additionally, it is difficult for interviewers to fully evaluate applicants who don’t express their best traits well. So, prepare for your interview by practicing some clear and concise language.

Of course, having the skills and insight needed for the job is valuable too. At Bay City Connections, we offer in-depth training for our new team members. So, we are more concerned about bringing the right mind-set for the job than the exact technical skills. However, this may vary at other companies. Regardless, the more you can demonstrate your abilities, the better.

Enthusiasm is also essential. Hiring managers want to find people who will work hard. One of the best ways to predict this is to find candidates who care about the work. Show interviewers how excited you are to be there.

These characteristics will help you land job offers.