We emphasize immersive training that prepares every member of Team Bay City Connections to thrive in an evolving industry. Our leaders are always looking for new ways to help expand our horizons, which is why Jackson, our Director of Operations, has been organizing multiple cross-training opportunities for us over the past month.

“A few team members had the opportunity to fly to Denver to network and train with offices there,” Jackson stated. “Our goal is to provide coaching in how to manage human capital and resources. The franchise model we use provides a springboard for the most driven individuals to set up their own offices in new markets. These cross trainings are ideal ways to broaden our people’s horizons and show them what’s possible when they leverage their unique talents.”

Traveling with team members is one of the best ways to enhance learning efforts. Jackson remarked, “There’s something about learning with colleagues that makes new insights stick. When our colleagues venture out to a conference or on a road trip to other offices, they share what they’re learning and help each other navigate unfamiliar concepts. When they return to our Bay City Connections office, they’re ready to put what they’ve learned to good use.”

We’re already looking forward to our next cross-training opportunity. Check out the Bay City Connections Newswire for more on how we put our team members in prime position to succeed.