Bay City Connections will be expanding to a new market as 2018 gets underway. We couldn’t be more excited about the potential of this move, especially with the aggressive growth goals we’ve set for the year to come. Jessica, one of our assistant managers, will be running this new office. She’s ready to build and train a team to make the expansion as successful as it can be.

This move also opens many opportunities for team members to advance within the company and into management. Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Those who want to move up must develop good habits to turn their goals into reality. You can’t just say you’re inspired to be successful; you must be willing to put in the work to make it happen. I know our growth-minded sales and marketing managers will be up to the challenge.”

Our commitment to setting clear goals will factor in heavily as we work to maximize this expansion. Jackson explained, “Bay City Connections team members are trained to establish well-defined objectives from their first days on the job. Whether they want to thrive in the new market, reach the management level, or achieve any other big goal, our people know how to set targets and measure progress.”

We’re ready to take new markets by storm in 2018. Keep up with our expansion efforts by checking the Bay City Connections Facebook.