It takes more than consistent excellence on the job to capture the attention of top decision makers. Performing at a high level certainly helps, but we’ve found the following strategies to be especially helpful in our Bay City Connections career advancement efforts.

Speaking at conferences is one good way to establish yourself as worthy of advancement. Getting to know event organizers and successful presenters can help you get started, especially if you don’t have much speaking experience. Every time you step up to the podium, you have the chance to show your expertise and share value with others. Both of these things will build your leadership credentials.

It’s also helpful to forge alliances with people in management positions. We’ve found that top leaders are more interested in our ideas and contributions than we would have expected. Around the Bay City Connections office, volunteering for important projects is one of the best ways to give our unique talents a meaningful audience.

Recognizing colleagues’ success is an option for gaining notice from top decision makers. It’s important to be seen as a source of positive energy in a team culture. This is another way to show that you’re well equipped to become an effective leader in the future.

Getting noticed by leaders is a bit easier with these concepts in mind. Find more of our best career advancement tips by following Bay City Connections on Facebook.