Our Bay City Connections pathway to success is due in part to our diverse community. They support our business and we pay it forward by helping important causes. It’s our opportunity to say thank you to our neighbors and others in the San Francisco region.

Why is philanthropy so important to Bay City Connections? It’s simple. We believe that there are many benefits to be attained from sharing our time, talent, and treasure. Therefore, we’ve made giving back a part of our company’s culture. Our team works together to select the organizations we support and how we will provide for these causes. It’s so important that our people have input into our charitable contributions. We work on the premise that to deliver excellent results, we need to be passionate about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. This belief extends to our giving process as well.

The causes Bay City Connections supports are as diverse as our team members and the surrounding community. For several reasons, the following charities are near and dear to our hearts: Open Hands Food Pantry, Anne Darling Elementary School, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, One Church LA, Music Beats Hearts, White Helmets, and For the Love of Reading. We are honored to be able to provide for them in many ways.

We celebrate opportunities to help others. Check out our Newswire to learn more about our philanthropic support.