Recognition is a powerful motivator, which we’ve witnessed firsthand around the Bay City Connections office. We enjoy highlighting our top performers, knowing that it inspires everyone else on our team to take their performances to higher levels. Today, we’re putting Rana in the spotlight for her commitment to constant improvement.

“Rana has shown so much growth potential in her 10 months with Bay City Connections,” stated Jackson, our Director of Operations. “She’s currently an account manager, but she wants to become an assistant manager by the end of the year. Her motivation has made her successful thus far in her career, so I believe she’ll be able to do whatever she sets her mind to accomplish.”

Her dedication to setting aggressive goals is one big reason for Rana’s success. Jackson added, “We emphasize well-defined objectives throughout our team. It’s important to know exactly what you want to achieve so you can measure your progress and find areas where you can improve.”

Our leaders use a similar approach when it comes to recognizing top performers. “We do our best to be clear and consistent in the appreciation we show our people,” Jackson noted. “Team members need to know why they’re being recognized so that everyone knows which behaviors to emulate. We also try to be consistent with regard to how and when we highlight our outstanding associates.”

Big things are in store for Rana’s professional future.