Travel is a key part of our developmental approach here at Bay City Connections. Along with conferences, networking events, and other gatherings, we enjoy road trips to other successful offices from time to time. Recently, we’ve been visiting different markets throughout Southern and Northern California to get a feel for what’s working across the industry.

Jackson, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “I’ve been sending four team members at a time on these educational excursions. They get to interact with top performers from other regions and add to their networks as they visit new places. When they return to the Bay City Connections office, our promotional specialists are freshly energized to aim for high targets.”

Travel incentives are prime tools for recognition. Jackson explained, “We enjoy taking time to highlight our standout performers. Sometimes it takes the form of a few words of public praise, but we’ve also found that business trips are great ways to recognize our people. Those who are chosen to represent our firm on these trips are those who show commitment to reaching their goals. The better they perform, the more opportunities our team members receive to broaden their personal and professional horizons.”

Visiting offices in other markets helps us see our own work through fresh eyes. With these new perspectives, we’re better equipped to tackle tough challenges. Follow Bay City Connections on Twitter to receive updates on our travel events.