Hiring strictly for skill is a thing of the past. Today, it’s important that any new addition to a company contributes both to the way it operates and its culture. The way we find those who will make Bay City Connections a better place to work is with probing interview questions.


One of the most important Bay City Connections traits our hiring managers seek to identify in applicants is emotional intelligence (EI). The ability to regulate and manage emotions is vital to success in the business world, which makes recognizing it crucial. Here are some queries that help:


  • Whom Do You Find Inspiring, and Why?: Often, interviewees will give names that are easily recognizable, but even if they don’t you’ll learn what types of people they model themselves after and what kinds of behaviors they strive to emulate.


  • You’re Going to Start Your Own Company Tomorrow. What Are Its Top Three Values?: In essence this question identifies the principles by which a person lives. Knowledge of a person’s core values is the best foundation on which to build trust.


  • What Skill or Knowledge Are You Hoping to Gain in the Future?: Curiosity is a trait we value in Bay City Connections associates, and someone who has a hard time answering this question might (mistakenly, in our opinion) feel like they know everything they need to know.


What questions help you identify EI in a potential colleague?