We are excited for the upcoming Bay City Connections holiday party. This will be a fun and social celebration for our team to cap off 2017. Beyond an excuse to spend time together, the party is a great opportunity to invest in our team culture. Fostering a positive work environment is a consistent priority for our management team.

The holiday party will take place during December in Walnut Creek in the Bay Area. We are planning a raffle which will include various prizes including some electronic devices. Additionally, we will have an award ceremony to recognize our top performers. It will be a great way to show how much we appreciate the contributions of our team members who have gone above and beyond expectations.

Jackson N., the President of Bay City Connections, says of the party, “I am very excited for this event. 2017 will be my first time hosting the party as President. This is a chance for us to celebrate everything we have accomplished during the year. It will also be a well-earned break from work and an opportunity to enjoy time together.”

Holiday parties are ways of boosting morale and investing in our team. A strong team environment is built on trust and cohesion. One of the best ways to achieve this is to simply spend time together having fun and deepening relationships. In short, a team party is an investment in future success.

We look forward to this year’s holiday celebration.