There is a significant amount of research on the effects of commuting. For the most part, the results are not favorable. It seems that the daily ride to and from the office is quite stressful, and leads to decreased life satisfaction. Instead of succumbing to these unfortunate outcomes, Team Bay City Connections uses some easy techniques to stay upbeat.

Whether we walk, ride, or drive to work, listening to music is a great source of positive energy. Some of us prefer fun and fast-paced melodies, while others prefer songs that are calm and inspirational. Whatever the case may be, our selections keep our minds healthy.

Gaming is an enjoyable way to pass the time as well. Our colleagues who drive themselves to work exercise their brains with options such as I-Spy. Those who take trains and busses complete crossword and Sudoku puzzles, or peruse the thousands of options available through our mobile devices.

In keeping with the Bay City Connections commitment to productivity, we sometimes spend our commutes fulfilling some of our professional responsibilities – such as reviewing and revising our to-do lists. By the time we arrive at our desks, we are ready for a new day full of achievement.

By being purposeful in the ways we use our commutes, we combat the stress and monotony others face in such circumstances.