Business growth and team development are guided by effective leadership. We are keenly aware of the importance of strong frontrunners, which is why we invest so heavily in our Bay City Connections leadership training program. Through this system, we learn about the importance of shared responsibility. The best managers aren’t necessarily the ones with all the power; they are the individuals who share the power with the intention of advancing everyone’s abilities. Here are some ways to do so:

• Change Your Perception of Your Role: One way to become such a leader is to think of yourself not as a boss, but as a cheerleader for your people. Ambitious professionals want to positively influence their workplaces. Empower them to do so by challenging them and encouraging them to break free from convention.

• Trust Your People: Think back to when you hired your people. You were impressed by their insights and abilities. You know they can do their jobs well, so step back and give them the freedom to do so. Be available to provide guidance as needed, but otherwise leave them to wield their own judgment.

• Recognize Others: It’s nice to celebrate victories. We do so for every Bay City Connections win. It’s also important to recognize hard work and commitment regardless of outcome. Pay attention to the efforts your people put forth, and make sure they know that you appreciate them for it. This way, morale will stay high and everyone will be motivated to continue giving their best.

As you build your own leadership game, help your colleagues develop theirs.