There is an indefinable quality possessed by the most successful professionals, which allows them to easily click with other people. We train Bay City Connections associates to quickly connect with peers and influencers alike. Our leaders would like to share a few tips that will help you do the same:

‰Û¢ Rehearse Your Pitch: Whether it’s a job interview or a networking event, you need to have a few sentences that explain your unique talents. These statements must be ready to deliver. With a strong introduction, you can quickly get the other person on your side and increase the odds of a good connection.

‰Û¢ Be Open: Vulnerability is the surest avenue toward a genuine connection with another person. We at Bay City Connections recommend that you do your best to open up every time you meet someone new. When you’re upfront about your talents and faults alike, you encourage others to be transparent as well. This leads to an environment in which trust conquers all and helpful efforts are freely exchanged.

‰Û¢ Show Genuine Interest: Simply being interested in other people is another simple and effective way to click with them. The best way to show that you’re engaged is to listen carefully to every word that is said. Ask plenty of good, open-ended questions to keep the other person talking and discover as much common ground as possible.

Use these simple tips from Bay City Connections to make solid impressions on people and click with them right off the bat.