Of the many travel options we have as members of Team Bay City Connections, trips to other successful offices tend to be most beneficial. When we visit other locations, we learn about fresh approaches and forge valuable connections with top performers. These outcomes reflect our recent visit to our satellite office in Houston.

The team members who ventured to Houston were hand-selected due to their recent outstanding performances. Jackson, our Director of Operations, stated, “This was a great chance to see the bigger picture of what’s possible in our industry. A fresh perspective is important to advance professional growth.”

Those who made the trip saw how other markets run things differently. We’ve begun to apply the lessons they learned to our Bay City Connections projects. Our entire team has benefitted from the Houston visit, because our travelers have shared their new insights with colleagues.

Team members also returned home with new additions to their contact lists. Jackson added, “These connections will pay off in many ways, including trusted advice on how to overcome obstacles. When our people network during business trips, they also open doors to future joint ventures and even additions to our company’s portfolio.”

The benefits of the Houston trip continue to impact our office for quite some time. Follow Bay City Connections on Twitter to learn more about our team travel events.