Networking isn’t a particularly easy thing to do, even for those of us with a high degree of confidence. If you’re naturally shy, the process requires some extra effort. Our Bay City Connections networking experts offer the following suggestions to help you put your introverted nature aside and add valuable contacts like a boss.

First, you have to remember that people aren’t focusing on you as much as you imagine. Other people are more conscious of the impressions they’re going to make than they are of you, so use that to your advantage. Approach potential contacts assertively and ask lots of open-ended questions to keep them talking about themselves. You’ll both feel less nervous in the process.

It’s also helpful to set your sights on a handful of strong connections rather than try to connect with everyone you see. Our Bay City Connections associates take conservative goals into every networking event, and this strategy helps them succeed in their efforts.

If you find it hard to break into an ongoing conversation, start your networking efforts by reaching out to those standing alone. You’ll immediately have something to talk about, because you’re both likely a bit on the shy side.

Put these tips from our Bay City Connections networking aficionados to good use right away. You will find other helpful career advice when you visit us at