We use all kinds of events to strengthen our team atmosphere, including travel incentives. An upcoming road trip to Portland will give a few select team members the chance to network with industry leaders and learn new marketing techniques. We’re pleased to announce that Nicole, Connor, and Carly are the associates chosen to represent Bay City Connections on the excursion.

Travel events such as the Portland road trip are prime developmental opportunities. Our commitment to training is one reason we’ve been able to create such an inspiring office atmosphere. Members of Team Bay City Connections know that their professional growth is a priority around our office. Whether it’s through ongoing education programs, travel events, or other incentives, we make improvement a top priority.

Another getaway is in the works for top performers from across the country. Our associates are hoping to earn their way to a boat cruise in Newport Beach. Individuals will have to excel at reaching their goals and advancing their development to qualify. Looking around Bay City Connections HQ, we’d say our team members have as good a chance as anyone to be selected for this memorable trip.

We’re dedicated to maximizing our team members’ talents, using all types of activities to do so. For more on how we use travel as one of our training tools, like Bay City Connections on Facebook.