Effective networking is among the lessons we impart in our Bay City Connections training program. We recognize that meeting others is an art form and it takes time for people to become comfortable in these situations. As such, we’ve observed a few challenges people might encounter and how we try to overcome them:

” Feeling Awkward: It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when we’re at a function with strangers. It almost harkens back to our first school dances, when we were uncertain if anyone would acknowledge our existence. The best way we’ve learned to overcome this through our Bay City Connections office is to remember that the others we meet are there for a similar purpose. They’re probably nervous, too. When we turn our mind-set to realize we’re in the same situation, it’s liberating.

” Ideal Clients Not Present: Many people are concerned that their networking efforts are for naught if the companies they wish to meet are not present. Instead of focusing on who isn’t there, we should consider that other attendees might be connected to the individuals we hope to meet.

” Interferes With Work: With our Bay City Connections model, networking IS part of our work. We need to meet others who can help us spread the word about campaigns.

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