The Bay City Connections Community Focus

At Bay City Connections, we are dedicated to the health of our community.

The San Francisco region supports the success of our firm, and we’re proud to give back by assisting local charities through fundraising, hands-on volunteer work, and more.

Open Hands Food Pantry

Open Hands offers food and personal hygiene items to the area’s disadvantaged. The pantry is volunteer-operated and relies on grants and donations. Our contributions help reduce hunger throughout the community.

Anne Darling Elementary School

By assisting the students at Anne Darling Elementary School, we also connect with the generation of tomorrow. It’s a joy to challenge their creativity and know that we are positively influencing the future.

SF Marin Food Bank

One quarter of all people in the Marin and San Francisco regions battle hunger. When determining whether to buy groceries or pay utility bills, many individuals must forgo food. This nonprofit eases the burden by distributing items to 253 pantries.

One Church LA

Whether they’re craving a sense of community or basic support throughout their spiritual journeys, people who visit One Church LA can trust that their needs will be met. We often feel uplifted in such an environment of camaraderie.

Music Beats Hearts

Research shows that music positively influences the process of healing. That’s why Music Beats Hearts provides hospital patients with devices that are programmed with inspiring playlists. Brightening the recovery process for ailing individuals is an empowering experience.

White Helmets

Syria suffers no less than 50 mortars and bombs every day, and the White Helmets risk their lives by recovering survivors from the rubble. They’ve saved more than 78,500 people so far. We’re proud to offer them much-deserved support.

For the Love of Reading

The Bay City Connections team has helped fourth-graders in Indiana by donating funds and books from this organization’s wish list. We’re always eager to inspire learning in any way we can.


Our team is a positive influence throughout the region. Meet our people.