SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Bay City Connections’ Director of Operations discussed a recent R&R trip to the Dominican Republic and the team member chosen to attend. He outlined the benefits of travel and setting aggressive goals.

Travel incentives help motivate the members of Team Bay City Connections to perform at their best. Jackson, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “When our associates crush their goals, they can earn their way to some pretty remarkable places. I recently took Jessica R., one of our assistant managers, along with me to an R&R trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. There were so many positive outcomes that emerged from this memorable excursion.”

Jessica earned the opportunity to attend the retreat by being a strong team player who is dedicated to reaching her goals. Jackson commented, “She has shown time and time again that she can go the extra mile, which is why she definitely deserved this trip. It was an opportunity for her to network with other successful entrepreneurs in the industry and learn that relationships are vital in sustaining success.”

The fact that the Punta Cana trip was an R&R event made it an even more valuable learning opportunity. Jackson explained, “I think it’s so much easier to retain valuable lessons when you learn them in a laid-back environment. That’s the same idea that has informed the Bay City Connections work culture from the start, so it was nice to be able to show Jessica how rewarding it is to work hard while still having a good time. That’s exactly what the Punta Cana trip was about in a nutshell.”

Bay City Connections’ Director of Operations on the Underrated Benefits of Travel

Along with the many learning opportunities that come with a trip like the Punta Cana R&R, there are plenty of personal benefits that come with traveling. The Director remarked, “Our associates build confidence when they venture far from the Bay City Connections office. The more they interact with other high achievers from across our industry, the more they believe in their own unique abilities. They get to take whole new perspectives of the value they contribute to our firm’s success.”

Professionals can also develop greater adaptability by traveling. Jackson added, “There are usually some unexpected delays and schedule changes with any given business trip. Every time someone like Jessica encounters one of these twists or turns, she becomes more agile in dealing with shifting customer needs on the job.”

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