Our Bay City Connections associates attend industry conferences, seminars, and other events on a regular basis, and the benefits are remarkable. An upcoming conference will put one of our top performers in the spotlight, and we are anxious to get it started.

Renee will be giving a speech about branding and the importance of doing it well. Jackson, Bay City Connections’ manager, will also be in attendance for the big event. There will be breakout sessions and workshops covering all types of relevant topics. Our associates are sure to return to the office with helpful new insights.

The extensive education you receive at industry conferences is far from the only benefit of attending such events. Networking is also a key pursuit at any conference, and our Bay City Connections team members make the most of these chances to connect with dynamic peers.

We also appreciate the fact that conferences give us chances to share ideas with successful people and receive instant feedback. You can’t get validation like that anywhere else, and the open exchange of great ideas is a rare occurrence in a competitive marketplace. We discuss best practices along the way, making sure that our processes are where they need to be.

Our Bay City Connections leaders share a wide range of travel insights and success tips at baycityconnections.com. We hope you will visit often.