Our team at Bay City Connections has always placed a high emphasis on giving back to the community. We believe that it is up to us as a growing organization to make a positive impact on the world around us. What many business leaders don’t realize is that this mentality will also attract customers:

  • Emotional Buying: Most people believe that buying decisions are purely logical. In many cases, however, people choose products and services based on their emotions. Consumers tend to be drawn to brands that give back.
  • Spending for a Cause: Although many people give to charitable causes, the reality is that the average person feels powerless to create change. At Bay City Connections, we have found that people take advantage of options to make an impact. They buy from businesses they believe will support meaningful causes.
  • Current Topics: Hot-button issues will get people very focused on social causes. If your firm is aligned with a given nonprofit, people will be drawn to your brand. For example, water-quality issues in California and Flint, Michigan brought a lot of attention to water filter companies’ giving efforts.
  • Education About Causes: A great way to connect your company with a cause is to teach your audience about it. This is most effective when you have made the issue a part of your business practices.

There are many reasons why business teams should give back. Visit baycityconnections.com to learn more about how Bay City Connections supports the community.