Speaking in front of an audience is a common cause of anxiety, and we’re working to make the process less intimidating around the Bay City Connections office. Here are the simple strategies that we’ve found to be effective at boosting our confidence as presenters.

Preparation is perhaps the most important element in being a self-assured public speaker. We’ve found that this starts with a clear topic that leads to memorable stories within our remarks. When we’re armed with compelling anecdotes that back up the specific points we want to make, we feel ready to impact our audience members.

Focused rehearsal is another strategy that has become our friend when it comes to giving speeches. We enlist our Bay City Connections colleagues to act as audience stand-ins, asking for their honest feedback once we finish our speeches. This helps us sharpen our vocal deliveries and body language as well.

We treat our listeners as if they’re our close friends when the big day arrives. Arriving at the venue early makes this easier because we can connect with a few audience members well before we actually take the stage. With a few familiar faces out in the crowd, we immediately become more confident at the podium.

These strategies have done wonders for our public speaking proficiency. Find more of our presenting insights by liking Bay City Connections on Facebook.