Bay City Connections’ product campaigns are all about making persuasive cases for the brands we represent. To achieve this, our promotional specialists need to be able to deliver strong presentations. Even for people in other lines of work, public speaking is a valuable skill to learn. These strategies can help anyone give more impactful talks:

• Study Others: There is a plethora of videos and audio recordings of great presentations available online. Start your process by looking at some of the best and most impactful talks. Consider looking at TED speakers to learn from their examples.

• Practice: We can’t emphasize enough the importance of practice. Many Bay City Connections team members like to use partners as placeholder audiences. They can give feedback and help with honing the presentations further.

• Visualize Vividly: It is often best to keep the number of visual aids fairly low. However, when you do use them to make a point strong, be vivid. Carefully chosen but impactful visuals will make any presentation much stronger.

• Be Ready for Tech Issues: Even the best presenters have technical troubles sometimes. The best way to address this is to expect them. Do a test before the official presentation. Additionally, bring some back-up plans if possible.

These strategies lead to more impactful public speaking. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook