We study the most successful people in the world to understand what makes them tick. As we do so, we see the same personality traits repeated time and time again. Here are the attributes we’re developing around the Bay City Connections office to set ourselves up for lasting success.

Self-awareness is one of the key traits shared by elite achievers. This is due to the capacity for improvement that honest self-assessment allows. Those with high degrees of self-awareness also treat others with respect, because they understand that everyone is working to become the best versions of themselves.

We’ve also found that the most successful people share a specific type of grittiness that allows them to be proactive. They know they need to create their own opportunities sometimes, so they aren’t afraid to pitch their ideas to influential decision makers. With perseverance at their sides, high achievers are committed to learning from any unexpected outcome.

Another common practice among the top professionals we study here at Bay City Connections HQ is giving more than taking. In other words, they always look for ways to help others before they ask for assistance of any kind. This helps elite performers build mutually beneficial bonds that amplify their success.

We’re working to refine these attributes as we chase our career goals.