You’ll find a diverse set of books on our Bay City Connections reading lists, but a few inspiring ones pop up again and again. Here are a few of our favorite books for getting us closer to our personal and professional goals:

  • Essentialism,” by Greg McKeown: We’re all about simplifying things around the Bay City Connections office, which makes this book especially attractive to us. The author stresses focusing on the things that really matter and ignoring just about everything else. He touches on the power of setting limits gracefully and notching small wins to build momentum.
  • Outliers,” by Malcolm Gladwell: Famous for his unique insights into the human mind, Gladwell looks into the pathways to elite success in this book. He researched a range of leading professionals and corporations to examine what really powers lasting success in our world.
  • The Gifts of Imperfection,” by Brene Brown: The subtitle of this book, which is, “Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are,” really says it all. We have found that if we can be open about our shortcomings, we can focus more on our unique talents even as we address our weak areas. This is an especially powerful combination for leaders, because it helps them inspire focused improvement from their team members.

These are inspiring reads that power true success. For more of our book recommendations, like Bay City Connections on Newswire.