Some business leaders avoid sending their associates to conferences and trainings. They think the payoffs won’t be worth the investments. We believe this is an unfortunate assumption, because the success of Bay City Connections is proof that industry events are valuable.

For instance, a few selected Bay City Connections associates just attended an administrative conference in Newport. It allowed them to network with the best of the best. Attendees also learned new business techniques, better ways to attract talent, and how to focus on creating better relationships with their colleagues:

  • Personal Branding: It’s true that a good deal of personal branding can be done online, by writing and posting rich and relevant content, participating in community discussions on social media, and maintaining presence in general. You can solidify your efforts if you add a personal element, however. Meeting people directly at a conference will make you more accessible. They will recognize you as a thought leader in your field. 
  • Future Opportunities: When you attend a conference, you may meet your next mentor. You may even find a mentee. You are likely to pave the way to referrals as well. Don’t discount the possibility of an invite to speak at a training or be a guest on a podcast, either. Even more exciting, going to a conference might lead you to a prestigious job offer. The possibilities are endless!

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