When it comes to giving stellar job interviews, many people learn all they can about how best to prepare and make lasting positive impressions. It seems to our Bay City Connections team members that professionals don’t spend nearly enough time investing in follow-up, however. In some cases, follow-up efforts make or break the possibility of a job offer. With that in mind, we’d like to provide some effective strategies.

It’s a given that you should always send an email or note after an interview, but you should know the best practices in terms of how and when it’s best to do so. If you had a basic screening interview over the phone, for instance, a follow-up email sent within a day or two of the conversation will suffice. If the interview was held in person at a value-driven company, on the other hand, a handwritten thank-you note mailed as soon as possible after the meeting will make a great impact.

We at Bay City Connections also suggest that you send a personalized LinkedIn connection request to your interviewer. Be sure to use LinkedIn’s option of sending a tailored message with your request, and use it to reinforce your interest in the job opportunity. Do so within two days of sending your follow-up message.

All your friends at Bay City Connections wish you the best as you pursue your next big career move. For extra insights, just go to baycityconnections.com.