Continuous recruitment is how we at Bay City Connections manage to keep bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to our company. As we keep growing our business, we interview many candidates for various positions. We frequently see people with athletic experience, but who don’t bring it up. This is unfortunate because there are many professional selling points of being an athlete.

  • Time Management: It is no secret that student athletes have a lot to balance. Time management is equally as valuable in the professional world. Share how you managed to stay on top of classes while also playing a sport.
  • Focus on Solutions: At Bay City Connections, we always look for people who know how to find solutions. Athletes know what it means to give everything for the win. This often includes making sacrifices and pushing themselves to the limits. That is exactly the type of mentality that succeeds in the business world.
  • Accepting Feedback: Leadership in business should always involve coaching. Athletes tend to be very comfortable with accepting constructive feedback and using it. This can be a valuable selling point when you are interviewing.
  • Teamwork: In most sports the only way to be successful is to work together. The ability to work with others is considered valuable in almost every company. Talk about how you have supported and been supported by team members.

Each of these elements of athletics will help you to ace your next interview. Find more tips on career growth from Bay City Connections at