Here at Bay City Connections, our leaders understand that professional development needs to be a way of life. That’s why we receive so many opportunities to advance our careers and build our skill sets. Both through traveling to industry events and in-house training sessions, we further our professional growth and thrive in the present.

Conferences and networking functions are two of the most effective developmental pursuits we enjoy as Bay City Connections team members. Every excursion is a chance to gain new insights and add helpful new contacts, and we take full advantage of each one. We always return to work with newfound inspiration to achieve great things both individually and as a team.

Continuing education is a big part of our success, but our Bay City Connections leaders also provide an extensive training program for new hires. Every new hire on our team receives hands-on education and personal coaching from a seasoned top performer. This sets the tone for a career path marked by clear advancement and valued efforts.

We don’t have to leave the office to push our development forward, because our Bay City Connections leaders also offer seminars and other internal sessions. It’s great to be able to learn new things over a lunch break, and we often do just that.

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