Bay City Connections’ team members are currently working especially hard for a chance to win a national sales and marketing competition. We often use friendly competition as a fun and effective way to motivate each other. This particular event is on a much broader scale. So, all our representatives are going the extra mile to exceed their goals.

The competition is between many affiliated offices across the country. Our people have until July 31, 2017 to prove themselves to be the best in the nation. The top representatives will win spots on an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun, Mexico.

This industry retreat is more than just an opportunity for rest and relaxation. Attendees will get to network with other professionals and business experts. Additionally, there are many fun activities to take part in together. We are confident that some of our people at Bay City Connections will be winning spots on the trip.

Our field is a very competitive one. Only the companies that are the most innovative and ambitious will rise to the top. We have established Bay City Connections as a leader in our space. We plan on continuing that story of success with this competition. Our associates are very motivated to show our colleagues in other markets what we can achieve.

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